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Left Lane Drivers (In the News)
Driving Too Slow in Passing Lane is Against the law
Washington State Police targeting left lane ‘campers’
Is Driving Slowly in the Fast Lane That Bad? Question
Not letting highway drivers pass in left lane could cost you $500
Florida Highway Patrol: Slow drivers in fast lane could be ticketed
Slow drivers in the passing lane

There are two ways for drivers to take positive action against dangerous drivers.

We believe that once the Smart Phone Processing System is popular, it will lead the way to the Vehicle Processing System.
Smart Phone

Processing System
operating via smart phone technology and the FREE MOSD App

Move Over Slow Drivers (MOSD) Smartphone Processing System

The smart phone is held in a car vent holder.


Processing System

operating in the vehicle

Move Over Slow Drivers (MOSD) Vehicle processing system

Installed at the time of manufacturing by an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or by Retrofit in an auto repair shop, car dealership, etc.

Please Join the “Move Over Slow Drivers (MOSD) Movement” to Make Our Highways Safer

Please sign a petition to make our highways safer by educating and removing dangerous drivers from highways. We will send the petition to the proper authorities.

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I would like to use MOSD to help make our highways safer by educating and removing dangerous drivers.

“Slow Blocking Drivers really make me angry, but having MOSD in my car makes me smile!”

Kelly Cooper, White House Station, NJ

“MOSD has made my driving world so much better!”

Bryan Johnson, Washington, D.C.

“Having MOSD in my car gives me personal power!”

Sam Harris, Lecanto, FL

“Thank you MOSD. It is great to report slow bad drivers!”

Sylvia Real, Wheeling, WV

“MOSD is a great invention that will save many lives!”

Wanda Price, Tampa, FL

“Driving is more fun with my MOSD App. Now I can report those Slow Pokes!”

Kaela O’Brien, Sarasota, FL
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