5 05, 2019

Going slow in the left lane? Signs warn of a $121 fine

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Slow traffic warning signs now display minimum fines of $121 for cruising in the left lane. Wayne K. Roustan       Contact Reporter       Sun Sentinel Cruising in the left lane could cost you. Across South Florida, overhead highway signs are warning slower drivers to say in the right lanes or face a minimum fine of $121. The warnings [...]

15 04, 2019

New left lane driving law goes into effect

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IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIDK/KIFI) 300 new laws go into effect in Idaho and one of them is the left lane driving law. The new law went into effect Sunday and will allow police to ticket anyone traveling too slow in the left lane, causing a traffic jam. This is most often occurring when a semi tries [...]

15 08, 2018

Florida troopers ticketing slow drivers in fast lane on I-75

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Reporter  Nicole Papageorge NAPLES, Fla.- Florida Highway Patrol troopers are cracking down on drivers traveling too slowly in the left lane on Interstate 75. “Driving on the interstate, a lot of people are just ignorant,” said driver, Joseph Portner. They won’t move over.” Troopers say many of the slow drivers are multitasking on their phone, something Maria Strawder says she [...]

3 08, 2018

Move Over’ Law Goes Into Effect

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By Sylvia Corkill,    News 9       Oklahoma OKLAHOMA CITY Move over or get pulled over is starting Wednesday; it's the law. Oklahoma drivers can no longer drive in the left lane of the highway. While you can't drive in the left lane, there are a couple of exceptions including when passing someone. Troopers say they won't be cracking down [...]

22 01, 2018

Speed Up, Slowpoke, or Get a Ticket

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Slowpokes, beware: More states are cracking down on drivers who dawdle in the left lane. While all states require slow-moving vehicles to keep to the right, laws that went into effect in Tennessee this year, Indiana last year, Georgia in 2014 and Florida and New Jersey in 2013 are setting harsher penalties for dawdling drivers. [...]

31 12, 2017

Driving Too Slow In The Highway Fast Lane Could Cost You $1,000

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Slow and steady might win the race, but if you’re caught crawling along the highway in the fast lane, you could be forced to cough up some major cash. According to CBS News, at least 38 states now have laws allowing cops to ticket cumbersome drivers who clog up the left lane. Twenty-two states classify these violations as a misdemeanor, and [...]

31 12, 2017

The passing lane is designated for passing

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Passing Lane: Also called the left-lane, over-taking lane, and informally, the “fast-lane,” and “go-lane,” the passing lane is exactly what it says it is -- designated for passing.  It is not a driver’s personal scenic byway, it is not a lane where drivers are allowed to go the speed limit to send a message to [...]

31 12, 2017

Serial inventor has developed technology to discourage slow drivers in the fast lane

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Local inventors Dr. Bert Burke and his wife Michaela “Mickey” Burke have developed technology that has been patented. The Move Over Slow Drivers technology is designed to record and report data on drivers causing dangerous driving conditions. “It will minimize accidents, injuries and even deaths,” Dr. Burke said. Bertram Burke is like a rolling stone [...]