Move Over Slow Drivers (MOSD) is uniquely qualified to succeed due to the following reasons:

  • When we describe the invention, drivers smile and ask, “Where can I get one?” They immediately know what benefits they will receive from installing Move Over Slow Drivers in their vehicles.

  • Almost all drivers have been subject to the frustration of being behind a slow driver in a fast lane and wish for a way to eliminate the problem.

  • All drivers will be able to download free MOSD technology to their Smart Phones for operation in their cars. (Over 180 million U.S. drivers own smart phones.)

  • U.S. Patent Application #62/546,334 was filed on 8/16/17 (on an accelerated basis) to cover smartphone technology, followed by Application 15/722,531, which was filed on October 2, 2017 and CIP 15,948,998, which was filed April 9, 2018.

  • The USPTO granted the Burkes U.S. Patents # 9,601,011, 9,761,134 and 9,836,965.

  • U.S. Trademarks have been issued for Move Over Slow Drivers® and MOSD®.

The Future of MOSD

  • MOSD will be used to report drunk driving, school bus violations, etc.

  • The invention will be purchased and installed by OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

  • The invention will also be purchased and installed as a Retrofit system to be sold and installed at auto repair shops, tire shops, sellers of navigational systems, vehicle monitoring products, etc.

There are two ways for drivers to take positive action against slow blocking drivers.

We believe that once the Smart Phone Processing System is popular, it will lead the way to the Vehicle Processing System.
Smart Phone

Processing System
operating via smart phone technology and the FREE MOSD App

Move Over Slow Drivers (MOSD) Smartphone Processing System

The smart phone is held in a car vent holder.


Processing System

operating in the vehicle

Move Over Slow Drivers (MOSD) Vehicle processing system

Installed at the time of manufacturing by an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or by Retrofit in an auto repair shop, car dealership, etc.

“Slow Blocking Drivers really make me angry, but having MOSD in my car makes me smile!”

Kelly Cooper, White House Station, NJ

“MOSD has made my driving world so much better!”

Bryan Johnson, Washington, D.C.

“Having MOSD in my car gives me personal power!”

Sam Harris, Lecanto, FL

“Thank you MOSD. It is great to report slow bad drivers!”

Sylvia Real, Wheeling, WV

“MOSD is a great invention that will save many lives!”

Wanda Price, Tampa, FL

“Driving is more fun with my MOSD App. Now I can report those Slow Pokes!”

Kaela O’Brien, Sarasota, FL
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Coming soon to the Apple Store
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