Move Over’ Law Goes Into Effect

August 3rd, 2018|Uncategorized|0 Comments

By Sylvia Corkill,    News 9       Oklahoma


Move over or get pulled over is starting Wednesday; it’s the law. Oklahoma drivers can no longer drive in the left lane of the highway.

While you can’t drive in the left lane, there are a couple of exceptions including when passing someone.

Troopers say they won’t be cracking down during peek morning and evening rush hour traffic inside the metro when the roadways are expected to be congested. Their main focus is safety on turnpikes where drivers often find themselves stuck.

“Then there are people who believe that the speed limit is X and that it’s their job to enforce the speed limit, whatever it is,” OHP Capt. Paul Timmons said.

Timmons said that can lead to instances of road rage which is something they hope to curb with the new law.

When enforcing it, troopers will also consider road conditions. Troopers said there are some stretches of road that are too rough or uncomfortable to drive in.

“What we are not saying is that this is a license to speed, the limits are posted. They are what they are,” Timmons said.

If ticketed, it won’t be cheap, costing violators $236.50.