To take positive action against dangerous drivers, volunteer drivers will either have:

Smart Phone

Processing System
operating via smart phone technology and the FREE MOSD App

Move Over Slow Drivers (MOSD) Smartphone Processing System

The smart phone is held in a car vent holder.


Processing System

operating in the vehicle

Move Over Slow Drivers (MOSD) Vehicle processing system

Installed at the time of manufacturing by an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or by Retrofit in an auto repair shop, car dealership, etc.

How “Move Over Slow Drivers” (MOSD) Works

  1.   A “Reporting Move Over Slow Driver” downloads the MOSD App into their smart phone.
  2.   The cell phone is placed in a car vent holder to capture dangerous drivers.
  3.   When reporting drivers see a dangerous driver / situation, they activate the App by voice command.
  4.   The App records the license plate of the dangerous driver (without his knowledge), the date, the speed, the GPS coordinates and immediately forwards the data to a Clearinghouse.
  5.   The Clearinghouse reviews the video.
  6.   If the Clearinghouse thinks there is a dangerous situation, the data will be immediately forwarded to Law Enforcement.
  7.   Law Enforcement will determine how to proceed.

Let’s all work together to end Road Rage!

“Slow Blocking Drivers really make me angry, but having MOSD in my car makes me smile!”

Kelly Cooper, White House Station, NJ

“MOSD has made my driving world so much better!”

Bryan Johnson, Washington, D.C.

“Having MOSD in my car gives me personal power!”

Sam Harris, Lecanto, FL

“Thank you MOSD. It is great to report slow bad drivers!”

Sylvia Real, Wheeling, WV

“MOSD is a great invention that will save many lives!”

Wanda Price, Tampa, FL

“Driving is more fun with my MOSD App. Now I can report those Slow Pokes!”

Kaela O’Brien, Sarasota, FL
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