109, 2018

MN bill introduced to penalize slow pokes in the fast lane

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By Lauren Beaubaire There’s something about getting behind the wheel of a car that seems to bring out the worst in us: Something happens where we all lose our collective sense of empathy, common sense, and any iota of patience we possess. I get it – It’s difficult to reel [...]

1508, 2018

Florida troopers ticketing slow drivers in fast lane on I-75

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Reporter  Nicole Papageorge NAPLES, Fla.- Florida Highway Patrol troopers are cracking down on drivers traveling too slowly in the left lane on Interstate 75. “Driving on the interstate, a lot of people are just ignorant,” said driver, Joseph Portner. They won’t move over.” Troopers say many of the slow drivers are multitasking on their [...]

308, 2018

Move Over’ Law Goes Into Effect

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By Sylvia Corkill,    News 9       Oklahoma OKLAHOMA CITY Move over or get pulled over is starting Wednesday; it's the law. Oklahoma drivers can no longer drive in the left lane of the highway. While you can't drive in the left lane, there are a couple of exceptions including when passing someone. Troopers say [...]

2307, 2018

Left lane loafers: Stop blocking traffic and get out of the way

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February 20, 2018 BY LINDA ROBERTSON Like roadkill decomposing on the pavement, so are the days of our lives wasted in traffic congestion. A primary thief of those precious hours — lost not only to the clock but in lifespan shortened by mental anguish — is the left lane [...]

407, 2018

Don’t Be A Slowpoke: Why Left Lane Driving Causes Traffic

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If you've ever yelled at a slowpoke blocking your way on the left lane of a crowded highway, your anger is now justified. ROBERT SIEGEL, HOST: Ari, let's talk about your driving. ARI SHAPIRO, HOST: Oh, not my driving. I bicycle to work. SIEGEL: All right. All right. But when [...]