706, 2019

Move over, Alabama! Research reveals slow left lane drivers are spiking accident rates

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We’ve all been there. You’re driving down the interstate and suddenly come up on someone who’s going much slower than you are. If you’re both in the right lane, you just casually ease into the left lane and go around them. But what if there are slower drivers in both [...]

2805, 2019

Slow left-lane drivers unwelcome in Indiana

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March 11, 2019 INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana State Police have handed out more than 200 tickets to motorists for driving too slowly in the left lane. WRTV-TV reports that state police ticketed 87 drivers in 2017 for left lane violations and 132 in 2018. The law enforcement agency also gave more [...]

1805, 2019

Slow Left Lane Driving: The Law and Why It’s So Dangerous

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Slow left lane drivers are a pet peeve for many people on the road. Are you one of them? But not only is slow left lane driving annoying, it can also be really dangerous. Many people drive in the left lane on a regular basis and don’t even realize they’re [...]

505, 2019

Going slow in the left lane? Signs warn of a $121 fine

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Slow traffic warning signs now display minimum fines of $121 for cruising in the left lane. Wayne K. Roustan       Contact Reporter       Sun Sentinel Cruising in the left lane could cost you. Across South Florida, overhead highway signs are warning slower drivers to say in the right lanes or face a minimum [...]

1504, 2019

New left lane driving law goes into effect

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IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIDK/KIFI) 300 new laws go into effect in Idaho and one of them is the left lane driving law. The new law went into effect Sunday and will allow police to ticket anyone traveling too slow in the left lane, causing a traffic jam. This is most often [...]

104, 2019

FHP: Slow drivers in fast lane could be ticketed

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If you drive slow in the fast lane, there's a new price to pay. The Florida Highway Patrol is cracking down on slow drivers by issuing tickets to those who travel more than 10 miles per hour -- below the speed limit -- in the left lane. Now that it's [...]