708, 2019

Driver cruised at 50 mph in the left lane. People love this ‘rockstar’ cop’s response

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BY MATTHEW MARTINEZ A trooper with the California Highway Patrol ticketed a driver going 40-50 mph in the fast lane, drawing thousands of comments and likes on Facebook, as drivers called slow traffic in the passing lane one of their biggest pet peeves on the road. CALIFORNIA HIGHWAY PATROL - [...]

2507, 2019

Hogging the Left Lane Will Cost You

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You're driving 65 miles per hour on a two-lane highway. You move to the left to pass another vehicle -- brakes! You're stuck behind somebody going 55 miles per hour in the left lane. Hanging out in the left lane below the speed limit is not only dangerous it is [...]

1107, 2019

If you’re THAT driver hanging out in the left lane, Twitter loves you. TxDOT doesn’t

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BY GORDON DICKSON TXDOT VIA TWITTER One of Texans’ biggest pet peeves is slow drivers who hang out in the fast lane, and here’s proof: On Thursday, the Texas Department of Transportation published a seemingly simple tweet to remind motorists that it’s against state law to block left lane traffic. [...]

3006, 2019

States push to keep highway inner lanes clear for passing

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By Jim Salter, Associated Press   LOUIS (AP) — From stricter laws to public service campaigns and pleading electronic road signs, states have a message for the drivers clogging the inside lanes of the nation's highways: Get the heck out of the way! Few things infuriate drivers more than a [...]

2006, 2019

Tampa police: Left lanes are for passing vehicles, per Florida law

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TAMPA (FOX 13) - How fast or slow a vehicle travels in a left lane can be a polarizing topic among Florida drivers, but state law requires all drivers to treat it as a passing lane. Even if you’re driving the speed limit on the furthermost left lane, and another vehicle – [...]

706, 2019

Move over, Alabama! Research reveals slow left lane drivers are spiking accident rates

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We’ve all been there. You’re driving down the interstate and suddenly come up on someone who’s going much slower than you are. If you’re both in the right lane, you just casually ease into the left lane and go around them. But what if there are slower drivers in both [...]