How to Best Use

the MOSD App

How to Best Use the MOSD App

  1. Place the cell phone in a cradle mount car vent holder, which allows the camera to clearly record the license plate of the dangerous driver.*
  2. Turn on the MOSD App and look through your cell phone to see if you get a clear picture of what is in front of you. Do this before you start to drive.
  3. After several tries you will know which air vent to use. Getting a clear video of the dangerous driver’s license plate is a requirement.
  4. Sometimes you may have to adjust the camera angle slightly.
  5. When you get a car length or two behind a dangerous driver and can clearly see the license plate number, say “Start” in a loud clear voice till you hear a beeping sound.
  6. Your camera will record license plate and action of the dangerous driver for 30 seconds and then turns off automatically. 30 seconds gives you plenty of time to record the license plate.
  7. The recording data is immediately sent to a Clearinghouse to determine if there is a violation. If the Clearinghouse believes there is a violation, the data is sent to Law Enforcement.
  8. It is up to Law Enforcement on how to proceed.
  9. To view your recordings, click on the Recordings Button on your Home Screen. What you see is exactly what the highway authorities will see.
  10. We recommend that you keep your cell phone charging while using any app.
Car Vent Holder

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That’s it! Easy Peasy!

Thanks for helping to keep our highways safer!

“Slow Blocking Drivers really make me angry, but having MOSD in my car makes me smile!”

Kelly Cooper, White House Station, NJ

“MOSD has made my driving world so much better!”

Bryan Johnson, Washington, D.C.

“Having MOSD in my car gives me personal power!”

Sam Harris, Lecanto, FL

“Thank you MOSD. It is great to report slow bad drivers!”

Sylvia Real, Wheeling, WV

“MOSD is a great invention that will save many lives!”

Wanda Price, Tampa, FL

“Driving is more fun with my MOSD App. Now I can report those Slow Pokes!”

Kaela O’Brien, Sarasota, FL
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