Driver cruised at 50 mph in the left lane. People love this ‘rockstar’ cop’s response

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A trooper with the California Highway Patrol ticketed a driver going 40-50 mph in the fast lane, drawing thousands of comments and likes on Facebook, as drivers called slow traffic in the passing lane one of their biggest pet peeves on the road. CALIFORNIA HIGHWAY PATROL – CHICO FACEBOOK

For many motorists, nothing is worse than the oblivious slow left-lane driver.

Case in point: The Chico, office of the California Highway Patrol recently posted a reminder on Facebook about staying in the lanes to the right of the “fast lane” if you’re doing anything other than passing another vehicle.

The warning came after one trooper pulled over a driver who police say was cruising at “45-50 mph in the fast lane” on Skyway, off California 99 last week, according to the post.

The driver, who was not identified (probably for his or her own good), had 20 cars stacked up behind them, the reminder says.

In California, the law that allows officers to pull drivers over for dawdling in the left lane is in Vehicle Code, Section 21654, which states, “on California roadways with multiple lanes traveling in the same direction a vehicle shall be driven in the lane closest to the right side of the roadway. This lane is typically referred to as the slow lane or #2 lane. Vehicles driving in the left lane (#1 lane or commonly referred to as the fast lane) should be either be overtaking, passing another vehicle proceeding in the same direction, or be preparing to complete a left turn.”

It’s finally happening. Police all over the country are writing tickets for slow drivers camping out in the left lane. California Highway Patrol – Chico FACEBOOK

The post has since gone viral — it’s been shared more than 2,100 times on Facebook and has drawn more than 1,200 comments.

Like this one: “YESSSSSSS. I wish this law was enforced way more often,” one appreciative driver wrote. “Good job CHP [Expletive] rockstars.”

But it doesn’t matter where it happens. A slow driver in the fast lane is a pet peeve shared by fellow drivers all over the country.