Additional Patents

Based on our 20 plus years of inventing, we have developed the Six Golden Requirements for a Successful Invention:

  • 1.) Needed by millions of people.
  • 2.) Protected by patents and trademarks.
  • 3.) Easily manufactured and distributed.
  • 4.) Socially and environmentally positive.
  • 5.) Capable of providing high profit margins.
  • 6.) In the Business* (if possible)

* Requirement 6 was added to the list of “tests” after the June 2007 U.S. Supreme Court’s decision eliminated the rights of patent holders from having injunctive powers unless the patent holder was “in the business”. Due to the Court’s decision, Bert decided, if possible, he would no longer offer a new product unless he was “in the business”. By being “in the business” and offering a U.S. Patented Product, Bert would then have the capability of obtaining a court ordered injunction against competitors – should they decide to infringe a patented product.)

Needed Steps for Inventing

  • 1.) Use the Suggested Solution (if available)
  • 2.) Deconstruct the Solution
  • 3.) Cross Fertilize the Pieces, using your 5 senses
  • 4.) Play with It & Cook It Up in your Unconscious
  • 5.) Order up the Invention & Enjoy a Eureka

Burke Patents and Intellectual Property

The Burkes invented and hold the following patents, applications and trademarks.

Closed Gift Card
Sold by merchants everywhere.

Protected by U.S. Patents #5,621,640, #6,112,191, #6,088,682, #6,876,971, and #7,171,370.

Open Gift Card
Sold by banks everywhere.

Protected by U.S. Patents #5,621,640, #6,112,191, #6,088,682, #6,876,971, and #7,171,370.

Final Sale Gift/Prepaid Merchandise Card
Allows a merchant to have 100% sale (no escheatment) in their gift card programs.

Protected by U.S. Patent #7,264,153.

Creation & Distribution of Excess Funds, Deposits & Payments
Allows the rounding of financial transactions outside the control of the account manager (bank, credit card, financial institution, etc.)

Protected by U.S. Patent #7,502,758.

Rounding Up Checking & Credit Card Accounts
Allows creation & distribution of excess funds from consumer spending transactions
Offered by Bank of America, Wells Fargo and hundreds of other U.S. banks.

Protected by U.S. Patent #7,571,849, # 8,025,217, #6,112,191, Australia #761833, and New Zealand #335926.

Bridge System that Stops Bridge Joint Leaking – prevents corrosion to concrete and steel piers.

Protected by U.S. Patent Numbers #5,292,205 and #5,141,358.

Closed Program for Buying Merchandise at Sponsoring Merchants
Automatic rounding of purchases with the opportunity to add additional dollars at the POS (Point of Sale) for future purchasing at that merchant.

Protected by U.S. Patent #7,502,758 and Application #14/822,842.

Consumer Controlled Rounding, Savings, Budgeting, Purchasing and Social Networking
Allows consumer-control of rounding transactions for budgeting and five other savings options via a mobile device.

Protected by U.S. Patent Application #2012/0303519 A1, and Application #13/479/221.

Monitoring & Reporting Slow Drivers in Fast Highway Lanes & Move Over Slow Drivers (MOSD)

Protected by U.S. Patents # 9,601,011, 9,761,134 and 9,836,965

Application EP17188042.0 was filed to protect MOSD in 39 countries on August 25, 2017.

Monitoring and Reporting Slow Drivers in Fast Lanes Using Smart Phone Technology

Application 15/722,531 was filed on October 2, 2017.

CIP 15,948,998 filed April 9, 2018.

Name not disclosed at this time

U.S. Application was filed on December 22,2017.

Issued Trademarks

Move Over Slow Drivers, MOSD, Every Penny Counts, RoundMeUp, MeMoneys, MeMo, MeGiveZ, MeBuyZ, Make Every Penny Count

Pending Trademarks

“Slow Drivers Move Over”

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